Toyota’s ‘Black Monster’ is the MR2 Rally Car You Never Knew About

Toyota’s ‘Black Monster’ is the MR2 Rally Car You Never Knew About

Toyota is back in rally racing, so what better time than now to celebrate one of its more exotic rally cars?

The Japanese automaker will be competing in various rally racing events this year with its Yaris and GT86 CS-R3 rally cars. Since Toyota Motorsports is back in the rally spotlight, the company decided to share photos of its classic Toyota MR2 Group S from Toyota Team Europe (TTE). Boasting a 600-hp powerplant, a total of three MR2 Group S rally vehicles were built, one designed for tarmac rallies while the other two were developed for gravel rallies.

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With 600 hp and all-wheel drive, the MR2 Group S essentially resembled the MR2 in appearance only since it was a tube chassis race car. Either way, it’s one of the crazier race cars to ever come from Toyota and you can enjoy some photos of the “black monster” below.

GALLERY: Toyota MR2 Group S


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  • Tommi M

    Looks like a Toyota version of the Lancia Stratos! Awesome!

  • Rotary fan


  • Rickers

    I think the headline should have read “Toyota Black Monster is the coolest shit you will see today”

  • Phil

    As an MK1 MR2 owner…. wow!

  • Oh wow, this is fantastic!

  • Bill Strong

    That one has been fiddled with as compared to what they looked like 15 years ago when they came out of TTE storage. They are still pretty bad ass MR2s.