Toyota Moving US Headquarters to Texas

Toyota Moving US Headquarters to Texas

Toyota is believed to be planning to move some of its offices from California to Texas.

The Japanese automaker has over 5,300 employees in the state of California with most of them at the company’s Torrance office in sales, finance, marketing, engineering and product planning. It is not currently known which divisions will be making the move and the new regional headquarters is expected to be in or near Plano, Texas. Some sources within the company have said that the majority of Toyota’s Torrance operations may move to Texas over a two-year period according to a report by Bloomberg.

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The automaker has said that the restructuring of its Torrance, California-based marketing organization is part of an efficiency push and will result in jobs being eliminated, though it’s unknown how many. The company said in a statement that some employees are being reassigned to other parts of the company while there is a voluntary exit program for those who choose to leave. The revamped marketing unit will begin operating May 1.

Toyota established its operations in the state of California in 1957 and is likely looking for ways to save money by moving to Texas. Torrance is also home to Toyota’s Lexus and Scion brands.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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    Long overdue.

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    It appears Texas hooked ’em!

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