Toyota Recalls Over 6 Million Vehicles

Toyota Recalls Over 6 Million Vehicles

Toyota has announced a wide range of recalls affecting 6.39 million vehicles including 2.34 million in North America.

In total, five separate recalls and over a dozen different models are included in the safety bulletin, with issues ranging from faulty airbags to seat rails that do not lock in place.

The largest of the recalls is for a “spiral cable” that could become damaged by turning the steering wheel. If it does become damaged that could cause the air bag to not deploy in a crash. Vehicles affected by this recall include 3.5 million RAV4, Corolla, Matrix, Yaris, Yaris Sedan, Highlander, Tacoma and Camry with 1.67 million of those in North America. The Pontiac Vibe, which is mechanically similar to the Matrix, has also been recalled.

A recall for 2.32 million more models is for driver’s seats that fail to lock into the adjusted position and could slide forward in an accident. Models in this recall include the Yaris and Yaris Sedan as well as the Scion xD, with 670,000 models affected in North America.

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760,000 additional vehicles are being recalled due to steering column brackets that may fail after repeated and forceful operation, though no models in North America are included in this list.

Two smaller recalls include 160,000 vehicles being called back for faulty windshield wipers and 20,000 more for a possible fire hazard with the starter motor.

The recall comes amid an environment of heightened safety with General Motors recently announcing a recall of 2.6 million models for faulty ignition switches.

While large, Toyota’s latest spate of recalls is smaller than those surrounding past issues of sticking floor mats, which caused the automaker to announce a fix for roughly 9 million vehicles.

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  • Tim

    Wow, good job toyota.

  • Beast1

    Nice one toyota !! always something .

  • Pedro P. Coniconde

    This is what happens when #1 Auto Manufacturers like GM and Toyota rested on their laurels and became very complacent with their products that the consequences of their poorly produced vehicles surfaces rather quickly and many can have deadly outcomes which had already happened. Where is Quality Control when Toyota used to be great cars from the 1980s and all the way through the early 2000s? Same with GM when prior to 1977 used to build great quality cars as well (save from the Vega of course).


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