Toyota Debuts Gran Turismo-Based GT86 Data Logger

Toyota Debuts Gran Turismo-Based GT86 Data Logger

Toyota and Sony want you to relive your track experience in Gran Turismo 6, and has created the technology to do so.

The Japanese automaker has revealed its “Sports Drive Logger,” which will allow owners of the Toyota GT86 (Scion FR-S in the U.S.) to record their entire track experience and replay it in Gran Turismo 6 on their Sony PlayStation 3 console. The onboard telemetry recording device will initially be available in Japan starting June 2 with a price of $885 (91,800 yen), with no announced plans of rolling it out to additional markets.

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The system will log all sorts of data from satellite positioning to steering angle, pedal depression to gear selection, and will store all that data to be transferred to your PlayStation 3 through a USB stick. Once you open up your track run in Gran Turismo 6, the entire lap will be replayed through the game. Compatibility will initially support the Fuji, Tsukuba and Suzuka tracks with additional circuits planned for the future.

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