Volkswagen Golf GTD May Not be America Bound After All

Volkswagen Golf GTD May Not be America Bound After All

If you’re holding your breath on the Volkswagen Golf GTD to arrive in the U.S., you may want to exhale… and it’s not in relief.

The German automaker is thinking twice about bringing the Golf GTD to the U.S. stating that importing the diesel engine would add too much cost. The 2.0-liter TDI engine found in the Golf GTD can’t be produced at the German automaker’s plant in Mexico so it would have to come from Germany, according to Volkswagen Group CEO Michael Horn. As a result, the price point isn’t looking very attractive to Volkswagen and the “probability is sort of diminishing.”

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Last year, Volkswagen claimed that it was likely the Volkswagen Golf GTD would make it to the U.S. and it would be priced around $27,000. Horn didn’t elaborate on why the Mexico-based plant is unable to manufacture the GTD’s engine; the plant currently builds the Golf TDI’s motor.

If it’s any consolation, Audi has announced the A3 hatchback will return to the US market and be offered exclusively with a diesel engine.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Aart

    Exactly my point: The VW line-up is too thin in North America for the brand that wants to be the number one in the world. We only have to wait for the announcement that the SportsWagen AWD diesel will not make it to this side of the pond.
    VW is so cheap: Making headlines and free advertisement with all sorts of promisses, then withdrawing them. Amarok to Canada, Golf GTD…. SportsWagen AWD diesel vanishing next? Bit like Mazda with their sky-active diesels for North America. Dear car producers: Our patience doesn’t last forever.

  • Aart

    I was just at my dealership here in Calgary for maintenance of my TDI, and guess what the sales guy said: It is confirmed that the AWD Sportswagen is NOT coming.
    No surprise.

  • Rickers

    No one at any dealership (other than maybe the GM) has ANY idea what cars they will have in the future. NEVER listen to idiots at dealerships.

  • AG

    I hate it when seemingly responsible adults like this Horn guy lies to us. The engine cannot be produced in Mexico, are we supposed to believe this. ? He confidently thinks like the GOP, who whole heartedly believes the supporters are retards. We get these idiotic CEO’s that VW expels to us, and naturally they make bad to worse decisions progressively. Tell us the truth Mr Horn, what is it ?