VW Abandons Creativity With ‘New Midsize Coupe’

VW Abandons Creativity With ‘New Midsize Coupe’

One of Volkswagen’s newest concept cars is jumping on the four-door coupe bandwagon.  

The idea of a “four-door coupe” is becoming increasingly popular and now Volkswagen is using the term for its New Midsize Coupe concept. The New Midsize Coupe gives a look at how Volkswagen Design envisions a sport sedan model positioned below the Passat and combines the worlds of sedans and sports cars. The concept itself is wider than the Passat, but is shorter than the Jetta with plenty of space for five people.

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Residing under the hood of the concept is a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with 217 hp, allowing the New Midsize Coupe to accelerate to 62 mph in 6.5 seconds. The powerplant is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission while the interior features Silk and Ebony Black with Dragon Red piping – targetting the Chinese market. Lastly, the German automaker also noted that the concept shows off newly conceived LED headlights that could make their way to various Volkswagen models in the future.

GALLERY: Volkswagen New Midsize Coupe Concept


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  • jasonb527

    I think it looks great. If I didn’t have my heart set on a MkVII Golf R I would totally check this out.

  • gopadge

    NMC…. Hmm. The Passat is the NMS… The CC is the Coupe version of the Passat. So this sounds like a new version of the CC, correct?

  • PBG

    What is the title referring to by saying they “abandoned creativity”? They’re doing what too many car companies are doing with the branding pendulum swung all the way to one side where every model has to look almost the same. That’s what I’m interpreting the title to mean. It’s an absurd company initiative these days. Look at what’s happened to Lexus. Every model now has the hideous grille. Volkswagen has now removed all uniqueness from their brand. All their models are beginning to look as the blandest interpretation of all passenger vehicles, like their design software removes any and all design elements so that there’s no chance it will offend anyone’s taste. Trouble is, there’s also no chance anyone would think there’s anything distinctive about them.

  • Will C

    “Four door coupe” is one of the lamest marketing ploys ever. I could call myself a giraffe but that wouldn’t make me a giraffe.

    It almost seems as though Volkswagen is pandering to the middle-of-the-road crowd who buys Camry’s and Civics – nothing wrong with either of those cars but their designs don’t make you lust after them (or maybe they do, taste is subjective).

    But yes, I agree, it seems that so many cars now are exceptionally bland except for an overwrought grill that’s supposed to somehow distinguish the brand.

    Volkswagens now look like Toyotas/Hondas/Nissans/other. Blah.


    don’t like the too plain horiz grilles on current models…too generic. also EVERY car from everybody has the same horiz crease too look the same from the side….is there only one pkg of design software in the world. My GTI is great none th eless 104,500 miles and fun fun fun, also flawless reliable, and fantastic comfort and stability highway car on curves, Golf R is for me next time

  • Ty Alighieri

    Ugh, “4-door coupe” is such a freaking contemptibly stupid oxymoron. It’s a sport sedan, or some other term we already have, if you please.
    I wonder if it will have options for an opaque moon roof and speakerless radio to listen to silent music in the light from black holes. That would make my trip to Home Depot for milk and eggs go a little faster.