VW Electric Cars to Offer Wireless Charging

VW Electric Cars to Offer Wireless Charging

In the future, Volkswagen’s electric cars won’t even need to be plugged in.

That’s because starting in 2017, VW will offer wireless charging for its fully electric and plug-in hybrid models, including the new Golf GTE (above).

Volkswagen says wireless charging stations are in development, but won’t be ready for the launch of the new Golf E electric car, which goes on sales this October in the US.

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According to Herbert Ruholl, the head of VW’s electric car efforts, the technology is still three years away, with a key concern being standardization of technologies allowing for vehicles from different automakers to charge inductively on the same platform.

Ruholl provided no information on what the inducting charging system might cost, though current aftermarket solutions for existing EVs are priced around $3,000.



[Source: Ecomento]