Does Using Line-Lock Void the 2015 Mustang Warranty?

Does Using Line-Lock Void the 2015 Mustang Warranty?

Using the new line-lock feature in Ford’s 2015 Mustang will not, we repeat not, void Ford’s bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Racing voids the warranty, but there’s a problem with Ford saying that because you might have a different idea of what counts as racing than the company does. Earlier today, reports emerged that using the line-lock feature, which holds the front brakes in the sixth-generation Mustang to make doing a burnout idiot-proof, at the racetrack would void the vehicle’s warranty.

Even still, Ford’s choice to release a video quoting Mustang chief engineer Dave Pericak saying the following seems nothing short of hypocritical.

“Anybody that owns a Mustang, they’ve got racing running through their blood. They love speed. Mustangs have a huge heritage about going to the track,” he said. “Our customers take it out on the weekends, they have fun with it. Line lock is just another example of where we’re going to allow our customers to do what they want to do. They want to take this car, they want to go to the track. They want to have fun and this is going to allow them to do that.”

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After Ford announced the feature, spoke with Ford Mustang spokesman Brian Cotter who said using the line-lock feature will not void the warranty. Running down a drag strip won’t either. Racing your buddy on the strip will, but that isn’t news. The warranty covering 2014 Mustangs has the same stipulations about racing with the car.

Cotter also said that attending a lapping day where other drivers are using the track is considered a violation and will void the warranty. Again, that’s because in Ford’s eyes, that constitutes a competition even if you just happen to be sharing the track that day. Doesn’t matter.

Theoretically, if you rented the course for exclusive personal use, that would probably be different. But it’s up to Ford to make that call because repairs carried out under warranty are done by Ford dealers. They fill out a form that is sent back to Ford in Dearborn before judgement about whether or not the claim is legitimate.

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  • Melanie

    So if I race unopposed, I’m good?

  • Enrique Caro

    Yes, just running down the track, I guess a time slip is OK.. silly isn’t it?