10 Amazing Cars America Missed Out On

10 Amazing Cars America Missed Out On

Nissan Skyline GT-R

It’s unfortunate that the Skyline GT-R never made it here, even if the legend did. It features all-wheel drive, a turbo six-cylinder engine and lots of potential for personalization and engine modification. These stars of Gran Turismo competed with the Supra, RX-7 and 3000GT in the 1990s, but didn’t reach North America.

Making over 300 hp at its peak, the Skyline is a performance monster and a global icon for enthusiasts. We missed out on the very best that Nissan had to offer car lovers  and the only way we can get them now is used thanks to grey-market import laws.

We finally did get the replacement for the Skyline GT-R in the United States. Simply called the GT-R, it’s quite different than the old Skyline. Longer, wider and heavier, at least the new GT-R features a progression of its predecessor’s all-wheel drive setup and maintains the turbocharged six-cylinder philosophy.

  • Rickers

    I thought you could buy the AWD turbo Celica here….

  • Jeff T

    Great pics autoguide! The American market is an odd one though.

  • Laurentino

    Definitely the alfaromeo 8c, lancia delta integrale and Toyota hilux, also the new ford ranger T5 in diesel engine options.

  • Sami Haj-Assaad

    Oh I totally agree about the new Ford Ranger! That should have been sold here too,

  • Jake

    Hands down Skyline should have been #1. I’m thinking that will be my next vehicle purchase when they start becoming legal here in the states in 5-7 years.

  • Laurentino

    Yeap also the Toyota trueno and the Nissan patrol the 3rd generation until the latest one the 6th generation.

  • Sami Haj-Assaad

    I didn’t rank these in any particular order Jake, but if I did, I think you’d be right with the Skyline GT-R as #1. I hear Canadians are already starting to import them! Lucky Canucks!

  • Willem Rodenburg

    They forgot the sickest car at the moment! The Audi RS6! These C5, C6, and the mighty C7!

  • Rickers

    I always thought the 8C was sold here.. they’re just so rare. Basically a Ferrari California… but MUCH better looking.

  • Winston

    Three words: Land Rover Defender!

  • Austerror

    Don’t forget the Cosmo had two engines to choose. Twin rotor or the triple rotor 20b. The 300hp figures were a conservative figure as that was the agreement at the time in Japan.

    Yes I do own a 20b Cosmo.