200,000 Nissan Vehicles Under Safety Investigation

200,000 Nissan Vehicles Under Safety Investigation

The Department of Transportation is investigating 200,000 Nissans after owners complained about potentially serious braking issues.

Encompassing the Sentra and Versa nameplates from the 2013 and 2014 model years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) says it received eight complaints related to excessive brake travel since late 2012.

One of the complaints describes a loss of braking ability through the pedal while backing up. In the complaint, the driver claims to have used the emergency brake to stop. In another instance, a driver says that while driving at 55 MPH, the brake pedal traveled to the floor.

In one case, a Sentra owner described having serious problems with only 143 miles on the odometer. In that case, the complaint claims that the car started to move forward at a stop light despite the brake pedal being depressed. “What I cannot understand is how such an important/critical system of a brand new car could fail in four days,” the complain said.

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