2014 Cadillac CTS Recalled for Wonky Windshield Wipers

2014 Cadillac CTS Recalled for Wonky Windshield Wipers

The third-generation Cadillac CTS is an improvement in almost every way possible, but like all cars it’s far from perfect.

General Motors’ luxury brand is recalling 19,225 of its mid-size sedans because of a potentially debilitating defect with their windshield wipers. It’s sort of a tricky trouble spot to trip, but if you leave the wiper stalk in the “on” position and turn the car off and the wipers are restricted by something like a heavy layer of snow, the battery can run itself flat. After jump-starting your car, Cadillac says the wipers won’t work.

The front wiper module needs to be replaced in order to prevent the issue from popping up. GM didn’t say when its recall campaign will begin, but owners can expect to receive notification asking them to bring their car to a Cadillac dealer to have the module swapped.

This is the first recall for the third-generation CTS. Since the start of the year, GM announced more recalls than it sold in 2013. The company is still mired in its controversial ignition switch recall that led to the company being fined the maximum allowable $35 million by the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration. The company also created a new position within the company to monitor vehicle safety. From that point on, GM has been inundating the news with recall campaigns that industry analysts expect to continue into the summer.

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  • Tim

    And thats where bad engineering gets you, folks. Recalls out the wazoo for stupid stuff like this in addition to 10 billion dollars in ignition switch recalls, and over 13 people dead. Way to go, GM. *Slow clap*


    It’s tough when the new invention called wipers are in the early stages of mfg….more practice, like another 100 years maybe? GM, why are they in business? The MARKET spoke, BK, let it go, you are letting a corpse still try to breathe. close the lid on the coffin, GM, is not a car mfg, it’s a collection of retards playing.