Testing Toyota’s Tough Truck in the Tundra: Part 2

Testing Toyota’s Tough Truck in the Tundra: Part 2

Day 6: Port-Hope Simpson to Red Bay - Finally, the Ocean

The last few miles of the journey were by far the most rewarding. Southern Labrador’s awe-inspiring snow cuts eventually gave way to the gorgeous shimmering blue of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tundras-at-the-ocean.jpgThis last leg really worked the suspension systems hard and managed to shake something loose in the 2007. The 4HI symbol starting flashing in the gauge cluster along with the ABS and traction control lights. At first, nothing seemed wrong, until we discovered that the transfer case would no longer shift into four-wheel drive when asked. We did some preliminary checks of the fuses and relays, but couldn’t locate the problem.

We continued on without ABS, traction control or four-wheel drive on the 2007. Which in same ways was a blessing, because the electronic nannies on both trucks, but especially the new model, can be intrusive.

While traversing the dips of the road at speed, the back end of the truck has a tendency to step out, while the front end likes to understeer in some of the rougher corners. Rest assured, the brain of the Tundra does a great job of reeling the truck back in when it gets upset, but it can occasionally take things a little too far. Power is cut from the accelerator in a harsh fashion and full throttle control doesn’t return to the driver until the truck is satisfied, and that can be nerve-racking.

  • Bokosz

    I thought this was about taking a Tundra to Siberian Tundra. Where the roads aren’t plowed and nobody grades them nice and flat. Disappointed.