Testing Toyota’s Tough Truck in the Tundra: Part 2

Testing Toyota’s Tough Truck in the Tundra: Part 2

Day 7 - Retracing One of Canada's Toughest Roads

Staring at the ocean on the Atlantic Coast was supposed to mark the end of the journey, but now it was the half-way point. We stopped just long enough to shoot some photos and then we began the 1,770-mile slog all the way back to Toronto.

In total, the trip took 10 days to complete and saw us cover over 3,600 miles.

Tundra-Snow-Cuts.jpgWe did eventually get the 4WD issue worked out in the 2007. We parked the truck inside overnight at a local business to allow the transfer case and all the mechanicals to thaw out. But that was only one part of the issue.

Crawling under the truck, we discovered an ABS sensor had come loose on the front right wheel and was dangling. Luckily, a local had experienced an issue like this before and helped us out with some epoxy and zip ties, a fix which held for the rest of the trip.

It was disconcerting to us that an ABS sensor would limit the 4WD system so much, but at least the fix was simple.

Once repaired, we hit the road again, bound for home. We started on the rough gravel and dirt roads of the south coast, which gave way to old pavement. The days were long on the return journey and each night we were in full zombie mode after the long day’s travel. The satellite radio in the 2014 truck helped us stay sane, though the occupants of the 2007 were treated to Queen’s Greatest Hits and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on loop.

Dirty-trucks-sunset.jpgCrossing back into Quebec, the road began to get nicer and fresh snow actually helped to fill in many of the potholes. We spent four sleep-defying days covering the same ground that took us six on the trip out.

Finally back on regular highways, we pushed on for 17 hours on the last day before finally completing the journey. We had completed one of the toughest roads around, not once, but twice.

Though we were all proud of our accomplishment, we did unanimously decide on one thing: our next road trip would take us south, far away from the snow and especially the cold.

  • Bokosz

    I thought this was about taking a Tundra to Siberian Tundra. Where the roads aren’t plowed and nobody grades them nice and flat. Disappointed.