Ford’s Turbo Pony Car to be Called ‘Mustang EcoBoost’

Ford’s Turbo Pony Car to be Called ‘Mustang EcoBoost’

Despite some hopes that Ford would revive the ‘SVO’ nameplate for the 2015 Mustang because of its turbocharged engine, that isn’t going to happen. 

An order guide, leaked on an online forum has revealed that the turbocharged Mustang will be known as the ‘Mustang EcoBoost.’ Previous reports suggested that car would revive the SVO nameplate, or perhaps adopt the ‘ST’ badge that is being used on both the Fiesta and Focus.

Besides the name, the order guide confirms that there will be three engines available at launch, a 3.7-liter V6, a 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost and a 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8. Power numbers have not been released yet, but the guide also confirms that the EcoBoost will be the mid-level engine, sitting between the V6 and V8.

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When it comes to options, there will be a performance package available, but only on the EcoBoost and V8 cars. For the EcoBoost Mustang, it includes add-ons like a larger rear sway bar, better chassis tuning, larger brakes, high-gloss black aluminum wheels, stability control tuning, aluminum dash panel, a 3.55 limited-slip rear axle, a larger radiator and larger front springs. Bump up to the Mustang GT, and the package gains a strut-tower brace, a gauge pack, Brembo brakes and a 3.73 Torsen rear axle.

There is also a 50th anniversary appearance package along with a premium package, both of which are only available on the EcoBoost and V8-equipped Mustang.

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  • Honest Abe

    ‘Tis a silly name

  • Chuck Goldsmith

    Ecoboost sounds so sporting. I’m sure they’ll sell tons. To rental car companies.

  • Better options right off the top of my head:

    SC (if supercharged); TC (if turbocharged)
    LX (tons of Mustang LX editions sold over the years; yeah, I know it was the base model, but it was also lighter than the GT for about a decade, and available with the same 4.9L engine)