2015 Honda Fit Delivery Delayed

2015 Honda Fit Delivery Delayed

The 2015 Honda Fit was supposed to begin shipping to customers in April 2014, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Consumer Reports is reporting that dealers are telling customers who have already ordered a Fit that there is a “shipping delay nationally,” and offering no other information. A Honda spokesman did shed some more light on the situation however, and revealed the issue to be the car’s new production plant in Mexico.

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“The Fit is being built for the first time in North America, a significant new investment in Honda’s 8th auto plant in the region and on that features some of Honda’s latest and most advanced manufacturing technologies,” said Chris Naughton, Honda’s Northeast PR Manager. “As this is an all-new plant, we are taking a measure approach to the production ramp up and shipments from the plant have been slower than anticipated,” he said.

Due to these delays at the plant, the 2015 Fit is set to begin shipping in the second week of June.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

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