25th Anniversary Mazda Miata Starts at $33,000

25th Anniversary Mazda Miata Starts at $33,000

Who doesn’t love the Mazda Miata? This small, rear-drive roadster provides a greater fun-per-dollar ratio than any Ferrari. Customers that are interested in the special 25th Anniversary edition of this car had better pay attention.

The company revealed this vehicle at the New York Auto Show a few weeks ago but starting on May 20 you’ll be able to pre-order one of these super-special Miatas, which are bowing for the 2015 model year. If you’re interested you’d better act fast as the company is only building 100 of them.

The Anniversary special is available exclusively with a retractable hardtop. Pricing kicks off at $33,000 including $795 in shipping and handling fees.

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But caveat emptor, that is buyer beware because an all-new version of the Miata is scheduled to be released next year. Is it better to get a special version of the outgoing car or wait for the shiny redesigned version one to come out? Only you can answer that question.

Additionally, at 33 grand you’ve got a lot of other appealing choices as well. A base Nissan 370Z or even a stripped down Ford Mustang GT with a whole stable of horses are available on the menu. Of course neither of these cars can match the Miata’s driving finesse but they’re a hell of a lot faster.

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  • Auto Motive

    When the word “sports car” is in a sentence about a Miata its hard not to LOL every time. First off its a great car for the wife but when I see a guy driving one its time to LOL. I can see why they are priced under $22k on autotrader and when its leftover time $2k less. In ending please don’t get me wrong but its like a guy driving a new Beetle or a Altima. So if you are a macho dude and want some thrills buy a JEEP wrangler or maybe a true sports car a used corvette for less that $20k you can be in a 1997-98 mid mile 350 hp vette that will excite your every driving pleasure.