Second High-Level GM Engineer Retires Following Recall

Second High-Level GM Engineer Retires Following Recall

There’s more fallout from General Motors’ toxic ignition recall. Another high-level engineer is stepping down from his post.

Jim Federico, 56, has been with GM for 36 years. He led global small-car development for the company but now he’s retiring. Supposedly he’s moving on to tackle new design and engineering challenges outside the automotive industry.

With nearly four decades of service it’s understandable that Federico served many roles at GM. He was chief engineer for electric vehicles; then he took a management position and led the charge investigating defective ignition switches. The team he headed looked into increasing the unit’s torque to prevent it from inadvertently slipping into the off position. They also investigated why a vehicle’s air bags would not inflate if the ignition was switched off.

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The recall scandal involves 2.6 million vehicles and 13 deaths that the company links to defects with those units.

Federico isn’t the only high-level engineer to leave GM since the scandal  emerged. Jim Calabrese, another high-level engineer retired last month, though supposedly his departure wasn’t connected to the company’s ignition woes.

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[Source: Motor Trend]