Aston Martin Plans to Lose Money for Two More Years

Aston Martin Plans to Lose Money for Two More Years

Aston Martin is going to lose an awful lot of money in the future, but the company says that’s OK because it expects to earn each of those pounds back and then some.

That might sound slightly silly, but late last month the British sports car brand announced a five-year-long investment plan that will yield – among other things – a new platform. Over the course of that period, the company plans to drain itself of roughly $843 million. The strategy is Aston Martin’s largest-ever single investment and seeks to modernize its woefully outdated product line.

The company is co-developing engines with Mercedes AMG and the new platform is first expected to underpin a new version of the DB9 grand tourer in 2016. Currently, the company isn’t being so bold as to suggest exactly when it will return to profitability, but Reuters reports that it expects to be there sometime after 2016 when the new model comes online.

For now, the company is remaining focused on sports cars. Its long-rumored Lagonda crossover will remain on the back burner, although product boss Ian Minards told Bloomberg that the company remains “open-minded” to building it.

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[Source: Automotive News]