Audi R8 LMX Debuts with Laser Headlights

Audi R8 LMX Debuts with Laser Headlights

Audi is now claiming that it’s the first automaker with laser headlights on a production vehicle. 

The German automaker unveiled the limited-edition R8 LMX in anticipation to this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours race. Limited to just 99 units, the R8 LMX comes standard with laser-beam light technology for the high beams. In a statement, the company said the R8 LMX is “the first production model of the world with laser-beam light” even though BMW also has the technology in its i8.

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It’s unclear if the R8 LMX is the first vehicle that has it standard or if it’ll be available before the i8 arrives in dealerships. Unfortunately, the technology doesn’t even pertain to the U.S., as the government hasn’t approved it for our streets.

But enough of the laser light discussion, the R8 LMX is unique thanks to its Ara Blue crystal paint finish and red anodized calipers. It is inspired by the R8 GT with a fixed rear spoiler, front bumper aero wings, rear bumper diffuser, carbon mirrors and side blades. Interior touches include an Alcantara headliner, Nappa leather seats with blue diamond stitching and Ara Blue seat back covers.

The R8 LMX will come exclusively in coupe form with the 570-hp V10 engine mated to a seven-speed S tronic transmission. They will go on sale this summer in Germany priced at around $289,000.



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