BMW ActiveE Vehicles Headed to the Crusher

BMW ActiveE Vehicles Headed to the Crusher

It’s a fate we wouldn’t wish on any vehicle, but the BMW ActiveE cars are heading to the crusher.

Just as the new BMW i3 is becoming available to ActiveE Electronauts, the German automaker has sent its ActiveE electric vehicles off to the automotive graveyard to meet their ill fate. Over 10 years ago, the same happened with perfectly functioning EV1s from GM and other first-generation electric vehicles and the idea has never sat well with the previous owners.

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The BMW ActiveE was an electric vehicle only available to lease and was part of a two-year test fleet program to help develop and test the powertrain of the i3. Based on the BMW 1 Series, the ActiveE was popular among its Electronauts, the name for the group who were afforded access to these vehicles.

“We knew this was the fate of these cars but, cars are closer to pets or even family than just appliances,” said Michael Thwaite of Transport Evolved. “We looked after them, took pride in them, they helped define us and presented us to the outside world. This is just insensitive, thoughtless and ultimately brand destructive.”

Not all of the BMW ActiveEs are being destroyed however, as BMW announced that some would be joining California’s DriveNow car sharing program.

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[Source: Transport Evolved]

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  • mike

    That’s like throwing out still edible food, just wrong

  • smartacus

    I didn’t mind driving it. It felt pretty smooth.