BMW Gran Turismo Concept Previews Performance Future

BMW Gran Turismo Concept Previews Performance Future

Gentlemen, start your PlayStations because BMW just revealed its Vision Gran Turismo concept, previewing future racing technology from the company.

With a 3.0-liter twin turbo inline six-cylinder engine, the digital car creates 549 hp and “combines [BMW’s] many years of motorsports experience with signature BMW Design. The race car anticipates future racing trends and allows gaming fans even more to experience BMW racing quality,” BMW communications boss Andreas-Christoph Hofmann said in a statement.

The conceptual race car makes heavy use of carbon fiber to cut weight and features an aggressive aero kit to create much-needed downforce. That’s because at 2,600 lbs, the car would have a hard time going anywhere – other than up in the air – without it. Rumor has it the car is based on the 2 Series, although BMW didn’t explicitly say so.

The powertrain makes an aforementioned 549 hp between 6,200 and 7,300 RPM and just over 501 lb-ft of torque from 1,900 RPM. It uses a paddle-operated sequential six-speed transmission. Oh, and it also boasts a perfect 50:50 axle load. Controlling it with a Dualshock 3 doesn’t make any sense.

BMW agrees, which is why it says there will be a racing seat setup and three screens to make the simulator more realistic. Unfortunately, the brand didn’t give any other details about the high-end screen-seat setup.

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  • worldbfree4me

    I have it in my digital garage. Not a bad piece of KIT. It pulls hard and handles Okay. But so does my digital M4. The time has come for BMW to punch out and likely stroke the 3.0 inline 6 to atleast 4 liters both literally and digitally. I prefer a normal inducted engine as opposed to forced. The additional 100cc along with direct injection and of course Double Vanos ® should be good for at least 100 HP. Before the twin screw blow dryers were introduced, Bavaria was able to get 333Hp out of the M3’s 3.2 liter. Although it was light on Foot Pounds, most purist would be okay with a 450 BHP normally inducted engine. Porsche engineers don’t care about tourqe, just revs. Just sayin.