BMW i3 Range Extender Gets EPA Rating of 117 MPGe

BMW i3 Range Extender Gets EPA Rating of 117 MPGe

The BMW i3 equipped with a range extender has now been rated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The BMW i3 REx gets an official rating of 117 MPGe while the gasoline rating is 39-mpg combined. With the range extender, the BMW i3 can travel up to 72 miles on electric power only and has a total range of 150 miles.

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The Chevrolet Volt, which uses the same powertrain format as the BMW i3 REx, is rated at 98 MPGe and its gasoline engine gets a 37-mpg combined rating. The Volt however, provides a much longer possible driving range of up to 380 miles, which is more than double the BMW i3 REx.

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[Source: Inside EVs]

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