Cadillac ELR-V: High-Performance Hybrid in the Works?

Cadillac ELR-V: High-Performance Hybrid in the Works?

Performance oriented hybrids have been released by some of the most exotic car makers in the world this year, and it looks like General Motors is now considering upping the ante of its extended-range hybrid. 

This set of spy photos show a Cadillac ELR testing, wearing some out-of-the-ordinary performance parts. The most noticeable upgrades improve the stopping power of the car, hinting that more forward thrust will be available from the powertrain.

In the photos, you can see four-piston front calipers and single-piston rear calipers, like those found on the Buick Regal GS. The rotors are also borrowed from the Regal GS, which are one-inch wider than the stock units found on the ELR. Finally, the car is sporting some camouflage over the grille which is likely hiding some new styling cues.

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This may be a full on Cadillac ELR-V, but the more likely scenario is that this prototype is previewing an ELR V Sport model. The ‘V Sport’ badge denotes a higher level of performance, but not quite the insane level that comes with a fully fledged ‘V’ car.

GALLERY: Cadillac ELR-V Spy Photos


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  • Bug S Bunny

    The ELR is easily the best-looking Caddy of the bunch, but there’s something not right about the term “high-performance hybrid”

  • Rickers

    Still LOVE the look of the ELR.