How Cars Know if You’re Sleepy or Distracted

How Cars Know if You’re Sleepy or Distracted

Automatically Avoiding Accidents

Systems like these are constantly advancing. Today, the most fully-featured driver alert system barely bothers the driver and even ventures into self-driving territory. Take the “Safety Shield” suite of technology found in the Infiniti Q50. Similar to Ford’s solution, Infiniti uses a radar system to see the car ahead of you. Instead of sending the radar beam to the rear bumper of car in front of you, it actually bounces it off the asphalt below that vehicle, lending it extra range to see what is happening ahead of you, even if you can’t. Also, instead of “pre-charging” the brakes, Infiniti’s system is able to apply the brakes for you.

The best solution to curbing distracted driving is to stow the phone until you’re safely stopped. But that doesn’t mean you should grab your smartphone and start texting away at the next red-light. New Subaru vehicles with “Eye-Sight” technology remind you of the task at hand if you’re texting at a red light. Using cameras mounted on the windshield, Subaru’s latest suite of safety technology will remind you with a beep and a graphic telling you that the car in front of you has moved on and you should too.


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