Caravan Nameplate Could Live On

Caravan Nameplate Could Live On

Despite the Dodge Grand Caravan not being long for this world, the Caravan nameplate could live on.

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has hinted that the Caravan nameplate will be used elsewhere in the American automaker’s lineup, though it’s unknown if it’ll be on a Chrysler or Dodge model. At the recent Fiat Chrysler Automobile Investor Day, Marchionne stated that he never said “the Caravan nameplate was going away.” As for details, the CEO wouldn’t spill any but simply noted that he thinks we’ll be pleased with the decision.

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Candidates for the Caravan nameplate include a lower-trim model of the Chrysler Town & Country, or a rebadged Fiat Doblo or Fiorino. There is also a chance that the Caravan nameplate will be used for the new Dodge Journey replacement, which is scheduled to make an appearance in 2016 or the new Chrysler three-row crossover destined in 2017.

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[Source: Car and Driver]

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  • Zac

    With the direction that this leadership is taking Dodge, I can almost guarantee that ‘Caravan’ will not be used on any dodge. No one associates Caravan with performance.