Vigilante Faces $48k Fine For Jamming Cell Phones

Vigilante Faces $48k Fine For Jamming Cell Phones

Distracted driving has become a concern for motorists everywhere, but one Florida man took things to a new level.

Not wanting drivers around him to be taking on their phones while behind the wheel, Jason Humphreys of Seffner, Fla. installed a cellphone jammer in his Toyota Highlander. Currently in Florida, motorists are still legally able to drive and talk on their phones at the same time without a hands-free kit, while texting while driving is illegal.

Naturally, using a cell phone jammer is also illegal unless you’re a law enforcement officer, so Humphreys is now facing $48,000 in fines and has 30 days to pay it or to file a response.

Tracking Humphreys and his jammer wasn’t easy for the state. In fact, he used it for the past 16 to 24 months. Since Humphreys used the jammer for so long, he could face up to $337,000 in fines according to the FCC.

Humphreys was tracked down after Metro PCS tipped off the FCC that something was amiss on a stretched of Interstate 4 between Seffner and downtown Tampa during normal commuting hours. The FCC investigated through direction-finding techniques and discovered strong wideband emissions coming from Humphreys’ Highlander.

[Source: Network World]

  • Tim

    Sux that he gets fined for doing what the police should be doing. A friend of mine got in a serious wreck because some idiot was texting and hit him. I almost got hit the other day when someone wasn’t paying attention because they were looking down at their phone.

    Something needs to be done about all of these people endangering others’ lives.

  • Disqus11111

    Well, jerks like Humphreys aren’ the people to do it. I hope they throw the book at this arrogant m0r0n.

  • Shiratori1

    There is no justification or excuse for texting while driving or using a phone without a hands-free device. Anyone who says otherwise is extremely self-absorbed and is a danger to those who have to share the road with them.

  • Chris

    It doesn’t matter if you’re talking hands-free or not, cuz the problem is the distraction when people talk on the phone, they concentrate more on the conversation which causes a lack of awareness of everything else that’s going on/happening around them, & they don’t even realize it…that’s just how the brain/mind works…no matter how many people say they’re not like that or it doesn’t happen to them…it’s BS, it happens to everybody, even the best of multi-taskers…it happens to me, so if I need to talk on the phone I’ll pull over and stop until I’m finished…if somebody calls me I’ll either reject the call or answer it & quickly tell the caller I’ call them back when I’m outta the car…hope this info helps open some eyes…