Chevrolet will sell Z/28 Parts for Regular Camaros

Chevrolet will sell Z/28 Parts for Regular Camaros

Owners of Camaros all over the country can rejoice, as contrary to earlier reports, Chevrolet is planning on selling Z/28 parts to owners of any fifth-generation Camaro. 

Chevy doesn’t want owners cloning the Z/28 by purchasing all of the parts separately and then bolting them on, but the restrictions are mostly for visual add-ons like Z/28 badges and wheels. The bread and butter stuff that make this car great will be offered in nine different z/28 performance packages for non-Z/28 cars, all of which are a bit different.

By offering all of the parts in a package, Chevy can ensure that the upgraded Camaros don’t look like Z/28s, but they will perform the same.

Available is a Z/28 Suspension package, which nets spool-valve shock absorbers, stiffer springs, anti-roll bars and rear upper control arms. There is also the Rear-Differential Cooling System pack, that consists of a special cover, heat exchanger, necessary lines for the rear end and a helical limited-slip differential. The Z/28 Cold Air Intake kit will get you a high-flow intake box, while there is also a Z/28 Exhaust Manifold Package available, which will fit onto any fifth-gen Camaro V8 engine.

The Z/28’s cat-back exhaust is available by itself, while buyers can opt for the Z/28 aerodynamics kit which only works on 2014 and newer cars and consists of a front splitter, front wheel-lip extensions, an underbody panel and a rear spoiler. The Brake Ducts package will get you new openings and ducts to route cool air straight onto the front brakes.

Finally, the Recaro seats from the Z/28 can also be purchased, and buyers can get just the driver seat or both seats up front.

These kits will be available in June or July of 2014, and pricing will be announced closer to the on sale date.

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