Chinese Drivers Dislike Japanese Cars: Study

Chinese Drivers Dislike Japanese Cars: Study

Half of Chinese car buyers say they wouldn’t buy a Japanese car.

Automobile demand in China is cooling in the People’s Republic, but it still ranks as the world’s largest auto industry. Auto makers throughout the world are fighting for new customers and as such, China is a gold mine. Many of the world’s most expensive vehicles are sold there and while more affordable forms of personal transportation aren’t as sexy to look at, they’re big business for major manufacturers.

A study led by Bernstein Research that surveyed approximately 40,000 Chinese consumers suggests that 51 percent would not by a Japanese vehicles and nearly half cited anti-Japanese sentiment as the reason for not wanting to buy.

Cars from Germany are by far the favored choice in China. According to the study, acceptance of Japanese luxury cars is even worse than mainstream models there with only 41 percent of people surveyed saying they would consider a Japanese luxury vehicle.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

  • Shiratori90

    Their loss….

    At the end of the day, it’s just straight up racism and an unwillingness to forgive things that took place almost a century ago.

  • Richard Joash Tan


  • Belinda Lin

    Big deal, 95% of the world wouldn’t buy a Chinese car!

    The truth is, I would like to not support Japanese automobiles either. As an American, I would prefer to give my money to domestic car companies, but with all the recalls and durability issues, I think Japanese vehicles are better investments.

    I drive a ’02 Honda Civic that still runs as well as the day I bought it. Apart from routine oil changes, it doesn’t need maintenance and it only costs about $25/month to insure (from Insurance Panda). It has great gas mileage and although its a 13 year old car, I still don’t see myself needing to purchase a new vehicle in the next 5 years or so.