Chrysler Registers ‘Rebel’ Trademark

Chrysler Registers ‘Rebel’ Trademark

A recently-filed trademark application by Chrysler suggests the company might be preparing to launch a new model.

On April 16, the company registered a trademark for “Rebel,” hinting at a future production model. The patent filing was for a trademark that is meant to be used on goods and services that include “motor vehicles, namely automobiles, trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles and structural parts therefor.” It’s likely that Chrysler didn’t file the trademark just to protect an asset it acquired in 1987 after the automaker purchased American Motors, but rather it intends to use it in the future.

As for what, we can only speculate. The American automaker could utilize the nameplate for the rumored Avenger replacement, or it could be tacked onto a special edition model such as a Dodge Charger Rebel.

[Source: Ignitionist]

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