Continental Tire Developing Monitor for Tread Depth

Continental Tire Developing Monitor for Tread Depth

Soon, there will be a sensor that is able to sense when your tire needs to be replaced.

Continental Tire is working on developing a next-generation tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that will also measure the tread depth of tires and warn owners when they are close to being bald. The new system will utilize software and in-tire pressure sensors to gather information based on tire deformation and rolling characteristics. According to Continental Tire, its engineers have compiled data on numerous tires and the software is able to compare next-gen TPMS-equipped tire’s rolling characteristics against the accumulated data to determine tread depth.

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As a result, the system is able to determine if the tread is too low, alerting the driver that a tire change is necessary. The company expects the technology to be available on new vehicles by 2017, when its newest Electronic Tire Information System (eTIS) becomes available.

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