Fiat Announces Unnamed Future ‘Specialty Model’

Fiat Announces Unnamed Future ‘Specialty Model’

Fiat has given a glimpse into its future, and it’s looking bright.

Fiat revealed that its 500X crossover will arrive later this year, while a “specialty” model will be arriving late next year that will appeal to the emotional side.

The company will be focusing on splitting its brand into two identities, at least for its European lineup, a rational side and an emotional side. For its presentation, the Italian automaker represented the rational side with its Panda model while the emotional side is its popular 500.

It is likely that the specialty model is the sports car being co-developed with Japanese automaker Mazda, which was originally supposed to go to the Alfa Romeo brand.

As for the rest of the brand’s lineup, a new compact model will replace the Bravo in late 2015, while Fiat also revealed an LCV derivative that will be representing the brand’s rational side. In addition, a B-segment model will launch in 2016 as a replacement for the Punto with a compact crossover coming in 2017. Lastly, a redesigned Panda will arrive for the rational side of the brand in 2018.

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Fiat hopes to increase production to 1.9-million units in 2018, compared to 1.3-million units last year.

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