FR-S, BRZ Twins Get Cosworth Tuning Packages

FR-S, BRZ Twins Get Cosworth Tuning Packages

Cosworth has announced a tuning package for the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S that boosts horsepower. Best of all, it’s available in the U.S.

Rather than providing aftermarket parts, Cosworth wants to become “an approved upgrade partner for global car manufacturers” and the first results of this shift are three fully validated packages for the FA20 engine that fits into the BRZ, Scion FR-S and Toyota GT86.

“We are now able to supply completely validated solutions – as an entire system – to guarantee reliability and performance,” said Hal Reisiger, Cosworth Group Chief Executive.”This is a huge step change and one that will enable Cosworth to become the performance upgrade partner of choice for car manufacturers, as well as tuning professionals and enthusiasts around the world,” said Reisiger.

When it comes to a factory warranty for these cars, Cosworth says that it is aiming to create upgrades that “could be suitable for a manufacturer to approve them under warranty in future.” Details on warranties for these car specifically are not available at this time.

Now on to the good stuff. The Stage 1 power package for the FA20 adds 30 hp to the engine courtesy of a new exhaust system, air filter and ECU recalibration, and it is available to order now from Cosworth’s dealer network in the US. The Stage 2 power package will step this engine up to 325 hp, while the Stage 3 will boost it up to 380 hp. Cosworth hasn’t said exactly how these boosts in performance will be achieved, but the company has said that each additional stage will build on the upgrades of the previous stage.

In an email, a Cosworth representative also said the company currently has four different packages for other vehicles in concept development. “Some of these will be no surprise to enthusiasts that have followed Cosworth over the years,” he said. “However a couple might be a bit unexpected.”

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  • Dustin Kyd

    I want the black an blue car with the stage 3 kit so cosworth should produce some cars if im going to buy mods crawfords hard to beat when it comes to subarus

  • Rickers

    Does Crawford have a package out now for the BRZ?

  • Dustin Kyd

    No actual packages i no of yet but they offer a turbo kit plus supporting mods but crawfords products are top shelf and pretty hard to beat in both power and most importantly reliability.

  • Alex

    Reliability? I heard they had some issues with overheating and clutch while on track. Did they happen to fix it?

  • Dustin Kyd

    Thats not a part issue its all how they set up the cars fixing the overheating issue all comes down to airflow an i haven’t heard of any clutch issues