Glow in the Dark Roads Return Underwhelming Results

Glow in the Dark Roads Return Underwhelming Results

If you’re thinking glow in the dark roads are coming any time soon, think again.

Initial testing on the technology has yielded underwhelming results as the road markings have been “faded out” due to moisture. The pilot project was unveiled earlier this month southeast of Amsterdam in hopes of developing an alternative to street lights in areas where they don’t exist. But the initial results aren’t phasing the project engineers; they have said they will continue testing to produce a new version that will hopefully fare better.

Currently, the paint being used on the pilot test contains a “photo-luminising” powder that charges up in the daytime and can slowly release a green glow at night. Once the paint has absorbed enough daylight, it can glow for up to eight hours in the dark. The road markings were initially placed two weeks ago and drivers have been testing the roadways by driving with their headlights off to experience the glow in the dark effect.

“As planned we are working on developing Glowing Lines version 2.0, which will be ready for this summer,” said civil engineering firm Heijmans in a statement. “It will then be introduced on a larger scale in the Netherlands and abroad.”

[Source: BBC]