GM Igniton Switch Crash Count Hiked to 47

GM Igniton Switch Crash Count Hiked to 47

The number of crashes acknowledged by GM to be related to faulty ignition switches now sits at 47.

Last week, the company raised its official crash count from 32 by 15 accidents for the total 47. That number includes one crash and one fatality in Canada. General Motors is maintaining its previous claim that it is only aware of 13 fatalities linked to the faulty switches that can cause airbags not to deploy during a crash.

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On Friday, NHTSA released a statement saying it is likely that more deaths related to the flawed vehicles.

According to the Detroit News, a GM spokesman said the figure could change again. GM’s update figure is part of the company’s response to a NHTSA request for information on why it was so slow in calling back the 2.6 million vehicles affected under its faulty ignition switch campaign.

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