GM Offering Discounts, Dealer Incentives on ELR

GM Offering Discounts, Dealer Incentives on ELR

Sales of Cadillac’s ELR plug-in hybrid are off to a rocky start, and now GM is trying sweeten the pot by offering discounts to customers and dealers. 

Dealers are being offered a $5,000 incentive to offer test drives in the ELR, a program it calls the Demonstrator Allowance Program. It has been devised as a way to register more test drives, in part to help spread awareness of the car.

GM is also offering up to $3,000 off of a purchase or lease of a new Cadillac ELR to the customer. And to top it off, dealers will get an extra $2,000 for every ELR sold in July, and $1,000 for each ELR sold in August.

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At the end of April, GM had 1,700 ELR models in stock, which equals roughly a 725-day supply.

Dealers have until July 2 to designate ELR test vehicles. The program will then pay out the $5,000 for each ELR assigned to the fleet, provided its accumulates 750 miles of logged test drives.

The ELR costs $75,995 including delivery.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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