Google Cars Could be a ‘Competitive Threat:’ GM

Google Cars Could be a ‘Competitive Threat:’ GM

Google’s prototype of a self-driving car might not look serious, but a major automaker believes they can become competitive in the automotive marketplace.

General Motors product development boss Mark Reuss believes Google’s self-driving cars could become “a very serious competitive threat.” GM, like many other automakers in the industry, is developing its own autonomous driving technology, but isn’t in a race to develop completely self-driving cars like Google is. Earlier this week, the technology giant revealed its two-seat self-driving prototype and said it will deploy at least 100 test vehicles later this year.

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It is expected that autonomous vehicles will start to become available over the next few years and over the next two decades, experts believe self-driving cars will get a considerable share of the market.

“It’s going to be a creep, it’s not going to be a mind-bending thing,” Reuss said. “I don’t think you’re going to see an autonomous vehicle take over the city anytime soon.”

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  • Raymond Ramírez

    Even if it is a “creep”, entering the market slowly and in small quantities, the Google car will be accepted by those who cannot or will not drive a car. I still drive, but I see this as my last vehicle when I am too old to drive!