Honda Accord Remains Most Stolen Vehicle in US

Honda Accord Remains Most Stolen Vehicle in US

Once again, the Honda Accord attracted more thieves than other other car in the United States last year. 

According to automotive tracking-device manufacturer LoJack, the Honda Accord is the most stolen vehicle in the US followed by the Honda Civic. Other common nameplates also rank high on the list, with the Toyota Camry, Corolla and Chevy Silverado taking spots 3, 4 and 5 respectively.

The number 6 spot is probably the biggest surprise on this list, taken by the Acura Integra, a car that hasn’t been on sale in the US since 2001. Finishing the list is the Cadillac Escalade in the seventh spot, the Ford F-350 at number 8, the Nissan Altima at number 9 and finally the Chevrolet Tahoe.

Since LoJack starting producing its Vehicle Theft Recovery Report five years ago, the Accord has topped the most stole list every year. In terms of States, California leads the list with most vehicles stolen, followed by Texas, Florida, New York and New Jersey.

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  • jd79

    Integra was made until 2001.

  • Shiratori90

    It should be noted that the majority of the stolen cars are probably pre-97′ models. Honda made immobilizers (which significantly reduce theft risk) standard in accords beginning in 1997.

  • David Gurrola

    You’re dumb.

  • Tim

    No, you’re dumb. The Acura Integra WAS made through 2001. The article is inaccurate stating that it hasn’t been sold in the US since 1991.

  • Whoops! Somehow I lost a decade there. The article has been updated.


  • David Gurrola

    You’re dumb