Hyundai Opens Gangnam Style Dealership

Hyundai Opens Gangnam Style Dealership

Massive auto dealerships with large glass walls complete with hanging cars are usually reserved for luxury car dealerships, but not for long.  

Hyundai is opening a flagship dealership in its home city of Seoul, South Korea, in the Gangnam made famous in pop culture by the viral hit Gangnam Style. Hyundai says that the dealership is based on the same concept as its cars, which are “not simply an assembly of parts, but an evolution of steel and engineering.”

The brand says 118,110 feet worth of steel pipes and anodized steel panels went into the making the dealership. But the center piece of the dealership will be ‘car rotators,’ allowing nine full-size Genesis Sedan models to create the facade of the building. Each one will be rotated every month so that all angles of the car will be shown off.

There will be five floors in total, one of which will house an art gallery. Also within the dealership will be an auto library, a kids’ lounge, a premium customer lounge, a car-tuning lounge, a gallery and a cafe.

Hyundai will continue to build these flagship showrooms around the world, and Moscow is next in line to receive one.

 GALLERY: Hyundai Flagship Dealership

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