Jaguar Restarts Production of World’s Most Beautiful Car

Jaguar Restarts Production of World’s Most Beautiful Car

In 1963, Jaguar launched a program to build 18 very special lightweight GT E-Types meant for the race track, but the project wasn’t completed…until now. 

Jaguar has announced plans to build six brand-new GT E-Types to complete the production run, as only 12 of the scheduled 18 were ever finished. Called the “the most beautiful car in the world” by Enzo Ferrari, these new cars will wear chassis numbers that have lain dormant for 51 years, and will stay true to their roots with power coming from a 3.8-liter straight-six engine. Each reproduction will be built in-house by Jaguar’s craftsmen.

Lightweight is the key to this car, so the body and engine block are made of aluminium, the interior is stripped down, and any unnecessary chrome work is removed from the car helping to shed 250 pounds compared to the standard E-Type.

As only six will be produced, Jaguar expects demand to be very high. Established Jaguar collectors and those with historic race intentions will prioritized among potential customers.

History is rich with the GT E-Type, having been raced by legendary names like Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart.

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