Jeep Future Product Details Released

Jeep Future Product Details Released

Jeep has released its plans for the foreseeable future, revealing exactly which products will die and which will live on. 

There are two all-new vehicles coming from the Jeep brand. A C-segment SUV that will replace the Patriot and Compass is coming in 2016 when both of those vehicles are retired, and an all new seven-seat SUV known as the Grand Wagoneer will arrive in the 2018 model year.

That C-segment SUV will likely be built in Italy alongside the new Fiat 500X, with styling inspired by the Wrangler. As for the Grand Wagoneer, it will likely share many of its traits with the Grand Cherokee, though it will have a third row of seats.

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Speaking of the Wrangler, those waiting for a new model will have to hold tight until the 2017 model year, with no refreshes scheduled until the new model is revealed. Rumor has it that the Wrangler is going to ditch its solid axles in favor of independent suspension all around, in an attempt to make the vehicle more fuel efficient. A diesel engine also looks like a strong possibility for the Wrangler, also helping to save fuel.

An all-new Grand Cherokee is also coming in 2017, with a refresh slated for 2015. The fate of the SRT Grand Cherokee is unknown right now, as SRT has been folded and now exists only under the Dodge brand.

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Refreshes are also already planned for both the Cherokee and Renegade, in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Jeep has already doubled its sales from 338,000 units in 2009 to more than 732,000 last year, and Jeep Boss Mike Manley says that he expects over 1 million Jeeps to sell this year.

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  • Will

    If you’re going to put independent suspension under the Wrangler go ahead and kill it instead. Ridiculous.

  • KRL

    Shoot it like an ailing horse, what a shame.

  • I’ve owned seven Jeeps over the years, mostly Cherokee and Grand, and since at least 2001 Jeep has nearly completely lost my interest. I was briefly interested in the JK, but beyond that the lineup continues to be uninspired. Somewhere along the way Jeep went corporate and it shows – not in a good way.

    I sold my last Jeep more than a year ago and switched to Subaru. If I’m going to drive a lame, unoriginal newer vehicle it might as well be rock solid reliable and economical.

  • randyf

    Fiat…………..killing off the Jeep!

  • Kirk Newsted

    No truck? We want a truck!

  • Kevomatic

    Think trophy truck, maybe it’ll be that awesome?.

  • lcole

    the wrangler is the only jeep left, the rest you can’t tell from all the other hi-tech crap out there. what’s wrong with a simple, well made vehicle that does the job well, instead of trying for another driveway queen like the hummer

  • RealJeepsInTheWorld

    I have owned Grand Wagoneers YJs TJs and one JK. But the older the better it seems theses days. The Grand Wagoneer need to come back but it better embody everything that the Wagoneer stood for from the mid 60’s through 91. I will be pissed if it does not. And jeep tried the truck thing. And honestly glad it is still not coming back. As for the rest of the jeeps. After 2006 they are an abomination that soils the good name Jeep. If Kaiser and AMC were still ahold of it this would have never happened. But big plus for factory diesel options. But that why I still have my 91 wrangler and will be getting a late 80’s Grand Wagoneer. True classics.

  • jeeppickupneeded

    i want to see 2 offered, both simply versions of the wrangler,
    a stubby based on the 2 door wrangler and a more regular sized based on the 4 door wrangler;
    so many aftermarket companies have made this vehicle, why won’t Jeep make it? i have no idea. it really could simply be a variation on the HARDTOP to create what i’m seeing.

  • simpleproductnotcomputerizdcrp


    hi-tech crap out there. what’s wrong with a simple, well made vehicle that does the job well.

  • shaun

    If the Wagoneer came back, they’d put it on the CUSW platform and have the nerve to call it a Jeep…

    I’m still somewhat upset that they took the Renegade name, which was synonymous with the CJ and Wrangler, and put it on a Fiat 500 platform. They offer a lowering kit for it. A lowering kit…. It’s no more a Jeep than a Kia Soul is..

    My only hope is that since the JK will still be around for the 75th anniversary, they’ll do something awesome for the JK’s farewell.

  • David

    I think Jeep should concentrate on making freaking shock absorbers for Quadralift and SLS suspensions on 2011 through 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokees that won’t break and clunk and have to be replaced every 10k miles. Guess they’ll carry the same KNOWN issue through 2017 or maybe just leave shocks off all together which is what it’s like for many of us in our $47k cars clunking and bouncing down the road.4 model years and they cannot fix a shock problem—doesn’t that instill you with confidence for the future?

  • Bryan

    This is what happens when a struggling automobile maker, Dodge, buys a respectable brand with a solid reputation, Jeep, and then converts it to their brand making it a Dodge. Sorry to see these changes morphing the Jeep.

  • Mike Martin

    Jeep is the most unreliable car I have ever owned
    Too bad…

  • Robert

    Although I have purchased and driven a Liberty with IFS for several months now, and impressed with it’s capabilities, I am still a true Jeep fan. With that being said, if Jeep (Chrysler) put IFS under the Wrangler, I’ll be highly disappointed. Yes, I want a Jeep Truck offering too. It’s too bad that companies only listen from “influential and/or favored” parties and no longer listen to the consumer. I’ll keep my older Jeeps, but I won’t be buying anything new from Jeep, their path has strayed form the direction that has set them apart from the rest.

  • Loog Moog

    The Italians KNOW 4WD- that’s why they won WWII. Oh, wait…

  • Jake

    You do realize chrysler has owned jeep since like 1987, right?