Jeep Wrangler Might Move to Aluminum

Jeep Wrangler Might Move to Aluminum

The next version of Jeep’s venerable Wrangler might follow in the Ford F-150’s footsteps tire tracks.

This week, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles dumped much of its five-year product plan on the table in front of its investors and the media. At the time, FCA chief Sergio Marchionne downplayed the possibility that Ram would follow Ford in offering an aluminum truck in its coming generation. But that doesn’t mean the company is ignoring the strategy altogether. After the day-long conference, Automotive News asked Marchionne if there was a better place to use aluminum than with the Wrangler. He said no.

While that isn’t a direct confirmation of any plan by Jeep to build an aluminum Wrangler in some form or another. Aluminum body panels wouldn’t be a stretch, especially considering the Stitch Concept that Jeep showed during its Easter Jeep Safari two years ago. In that application, the company claimed to have trimmed a crazy 1,100 lbs from the rig.

The new Wrangler is due in 2017 according to the product plan that Jeep announced this week. There’s also a rumor that Jeep is planning to ditch its solid axles in favor of an independent front and rear suspension.

[Source: Road & Track]

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  • Stormer1092

    Please keep the solid axles….

  • Jeep Loyalist (for now)

    If they bring IFS to the Wrangler, Chrysler will finally be absolved of the abortion that was the YJ…

  • tylerz

    Abortion? Get out of here. The yj was the first and last true wrangler. You drive a jk don’t you?

  • Jeepguy85

    Hands down Tj is best true jeep- round headlights, came with better power, options such as rubicon with factory lockers and it isn’t a JK πŸ™‚

  • Jeepguy85

    Oh yeah- I forgot to mention- I currently own a YJ and a TJ

  • tylerz

    Hey what did you do after you took off the track bars and sway bar on your tj? Oh wait… leaf springs ftw. I bet your tj has a/c lol

  • tylerz

    Real jeeps are built not bought. I can install lockers and d44s myself.

  • CJ-7

    Everyone knows that CJ’s are the best *real* Jeeps.

  • tylerz

    Man he’s got us there.

  • Rubiconaz

    What is a TJ

  • KyleinCSpring1

    I used to own a TJ until my wife got it, now I own a JK by necessity. Either way, aluminum does not sound good to me, for one dink can become a major clunk in the body. They do it for cost, not for the better product. Unfortunately, it seems all business’s don’t care about the product as much as the bucks to be made. πŸ™ <

  • KyleinCSpring1

    Sorry, I meant the YJ. Good Jeep, beyond the square headlights. I could fix things on the engine that I can’t even get to now. <

  • Frank Swygert

    An aluminum Jeep isn’t new — AMC built a prototype of a downsized CJ (a bit smaller than a CJ-5, I think it was just a two seater) back in the late 70s. Then there was the AMC Mighty Mite, which had an aluminum body/steel frame. That was 63 — prior to AMC buying Jeep (1970).

  • Jepstr67

    I’m so glad someone else knows their Jeeps. CJ8s RULE!

  • co1003 .

    97-06 jeep wrangler. 07 to current are JK.

  • co1003 .

    Sorry that would be the tj. Leaf springs and square headlights are just ridiculous! πŸ˜‰

  • co1003 .

    Hell yea. Who the f(u)ck wouldn’t want ac? I bet your jeep has a leaf springs with about 6 inches of articulation.

  • co1003 .

    No need to install. My 04 Rubi comes stock with it.;)

  • MeMeMe

    I’d like to see them build a Jeep that doesn’t rot out in 15 years.

  • tylerz

    You’ve just proven my point. You bought your jeep, you didn’t build it. You probably don’t even know how lockers work. Lol

  • tylerz

    Well actually aluminum alloys nowadays have similar mechanical properties to steel and can be more easily manufactured to the same specs with greatly reduced weight. But who wants a jeep made out of aluminum?? It’s just wrong. I’m sorry you had to buy a jk πŸ™

  • tylerz

    Nah got way more than that cuz I took out my sway bar. Mother nature is my a/c. I actually take the top off. πŸ˜‰

  • John Something

    I seem to recall some other company making a jeep-like vehicle with an aluminium body… for roving around off road.

  • dwhit

    You must be a troll. True Jeep owners aren’t so smug

  • tylerz

    Actually I own a yj. No ac, leaf spring power. Jk’s kinda suck. The 4 door is an abomination.

  • tylerz

    And cjs are the best. Lol

  • Ernest Rightway

    The value of the current JK will skyrocket if they come out with independent suspension. There will be no articulation or nowhere near what we can have now.

  • co1003 .

    I am an electrical engineer. I know when I push the button once the rear is locked. If I push it twice the front is locked. If it quits working I will hire a low paid grease monkey like you to fix it. πŸ˜‰

  • co1003 .

    When I take the top off the ac is still blowing. πŸ˜‰ You need to upgrade.

  • tylerz

    I’m an engineer too. Mechanical so I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. I can appreciate the convenience of buttons but I would rather have an intimate knowledge of my vehicle.

  • tylerz

    I’m being a conservationist. Keeping an old vehicle running and on the road is more green than a prius! You can keep your a/c I’ll keep my yj.

  • co1003 .

    Great. Someone has to drive those ugly square headlight leaf sprung heaps.

  • co1003 .

    To each his own. I would rather tear it up and have someone else fix it.

  • co1003 .

    Oh, I hate to break it to you, but there is nothing green about driving a jeep.

  • tylerz

    I’m using all the gas those priuses save!

  • tylerz

    I’ll take the heap over the mall crawl special that you don’t want to scratch and can’t fix on your own.

  • SunDevilJeeper

    You know what? I have a great idea! Let’s all start demanding a 4 cylinder engine, paper thin aluminum body, IFS/IRS, no foldable windshield, no removeable top, and probably no manual transmission option.

    Maybe they’ll start putting a Hemi, a Cummins, thicker steel, and beefier axles in the new Wranglers! Seeing as how they do the complete opposite of what the enthusiast crowd wants.

  • co1003 .

    If I fixed it grease monkeys like you would be out of a job. Someone has to take care of the lower class.

  • tylerz

    Wow and someone said I was smug. If you’ll read the other comment, I’m not a grease monkey. I’m an engineer, just like you. You must be a joy when you take your car in to be fixed by all those lower class citizens. I can’t imagine what happens when someone gets your order wrong at a restaurant.

  • James D Hall

    I know this makes too much sense so I’m sure they’ll never do it. But why not quadratec and incorporating their most popular upgrades. Like a winch, diamond steel accents. Go back to the in-line 6. How about more metal and less plastic. Just some random thoughts.

  • Leester

    This Jeep version rivalry is silly.

    I recently bought a 2014 4 door JK Rubi, installed a 5″ lift, 35″ tires, and a bunch of other things that like to drain my wallet. My son and I have covered it with mud many times and we are having an absolute blast with it. Well, as much fun as one can have driving such an “abomination” I suppose.

    It has AC, satellite radio, and even lights in the cup holders… oh, the horror!

  • travis

    Coils & Leafs? Air bags are the way to go My Range Rover can go from bump stops to 8″ lift in seconds & everywhere in between at the touch of a button & more reliable than metal. 91k on the clock & never missed a beat, on or off the road. I can put a quarter ton in the back & it sits level & handles perfectly.

  • Keith Strom

    I’m largely happy with my YJ, leaf springs, 1 1/2 inch lift, 33s, fender extenders, 4.0 6 cyl. The drive train is tough. The body isn’t. 200,000 miles and I still add 1 quart oil between 5,000 mile changes. The down side is it rides rough as hell even though I’ve isolated the last 15 inches of the top three leafs in each spring. I’ll try some better shocks someday. This is a truck, not a modern softy highway city vehicle. I don’t know that newer ones are nearly as tough.
    Keith, Deadwood, Oregon

  • btt

    ha, agreed Leesterβ€” enjoying it is all that counts.

  • soccerphotographer

    I so wish they would offer the CRD in the USA. I’ve grown very frustrated with the 3.8L, knocking, pinging, oil-burning, anemic mini-van engine. As for suspension, I’m ok with the transition to independent IFF (If and only IF) they retain or improve reliability. Far too many broken stock axles on the JK…so improving shouldn’t be difficult.

  • Eddy

    They did, back in the days before Chrysler took the reins. I have an 82 CJ whose body and frame have a lot less than my 2008 wrangler has.

  • Eddy

    Jeeps with A/C are for pussies!!!

  • Iris Vermeulen

    I have just bought my first Jeep Wrangler. I am in love with it.
    But explain to me what you mean by YJ

  • Iris Vermeulen

    My husband and sons were appalled when I bought My Jeep . It guzzles fuel, is a hard ride but I am in heaven. But explain all these abbreviations.

  • Patrick Buick

    Let’s see a nice hybrid electric drive, carbon fibre body panels, portal axle Wrangler with increased range, air suspension while we’re at it (I so wanted the AirRock), loads of ground clearance, full torque from 0-? RPM, light etc. Aluminum as a second choice I guess .. I live in a salt air place that uses salt on the roads and I’m sure salts them even in the summer time just to add more salt. Corrosion city for anything that corrodes, which includes aluminum.

  • Steve Belcher

    Try Google. That site is amazing on figuring stuff out like what a Jeep CJ, YJ, TJ are without having to ask ridiculous questions. You may even finally figure out why strangers driving other Jeeps wave at you and what you should do when that happens.

  • jeeper5118

    Those grease monkeys work hard to keep your Jeep on the road. Try to have just a little respect for one’s profession.

  • co1003 .

    Says the bitch with my cock in his mouth

  • co1003 .

    Try to mind your own damn business.

  • saon TJ

    Bad thing about the aluminum frame is if it gets dinged/dented there is no pulling that out. And since aluminum is so weak anything on the trail will ding it.

  • natshare

    Really not that hard to conceptualize. Older Jeeps, as well as older Land Cruisers, can have rusted out tubs replaced with aluminum versions, which will be durable, but should last longer, being much more corrosion resistant.

    Imagine an aluminum & carbon fiber Wrangler, with a minimum of steel……it could easily cut the weight in half!

  • James Pero

    Dude, that was a little harsh, but I agree with the wave comment.

    Iris, as far as what YJ means, it’s the model designation of the Wrangler from the late 80’s until ’95. The current Wrangler is labelled with the JK designation.