Kia Sorento Shattering Sunroof Investigation Upgraded

Kia Sorento Shattering Sunroof Investigation Upgraded

The 2011-2013 Kia Sorento is under investigation because its sunroof might randomly shatter.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has upgraded its investigation after consumer complaints were filed that the sunroofs on the Kia Sorento would spontaneously shatter. In total, NHTSA has received 95 reports of shattered sunroofs and there are 18 reports of minor cuts and scratches. No crashes related to the issue have been reported.

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The investigation was initially opened last October. A majority of the claims that were filed cited the panels breaking while the vehicle was in motion. According to the South Korean automaker, the only potential cause for sunroof breakage is an external impact by a foreign object.

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  • Tim

    Did all of these happen near golf courses?

  • Rickers

    LOL. But seriously… they just explode. Kia and Hyundai have this problem on a lot of models.

  • Smart

    That is not true. Serious big thumb…?

  • Shiratori90

    Oh yes it is. The veloster is another model that has had this issue. That’s not spin, it’s the reality.

  • Rickers

    It’s a real problem. Look it up. Complaints on the Santa Fe. And the Veloster was already recalled for the same issue.

  • There was actually a fatal crash related to this a few months ago in New Jersey that I’ve been looking into.