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 |  May 30 2014, 7:46 AM


The 2014 Mazda3 was chosen as AutoGuide.com‘s 2014 Car of the Year, so what can we expect from the sportier Mazdaspeed3?

Rumor has it that the Mazdaspeed3 will make its debut in 2016 sporting a turbocharged 2.5-liter SkyActiv gasoline engine with up to 320 hp. According to Australian CarsGuide, the new Mazdaspeed3 will come with all-wheel drive along with a six-speed manual transmission.

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The Japanese automaker denies the rumors of a turbocharged SkyActiv engine, since those powerplants run a high compression ratio to enhance fuel economy and performance. Typically speaking, forced induction on a high compression motor is bad news. But the unnamed source said that Mazda has solved the issue and will be following the hot hatch competition with turbocharged motors.

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[Source: CarsGuide]

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  • Con Verdis

    The word is that Mazda will not be using V6 in the all new SkyActiv CX9, instead using a turbo charged 4 cylinder. To develop an engine to be used in just one model these days just doesn’t happen due to costs etc. It seems as though this engine will live under both bonnets the Cx9 and 3MPS – tuned differently – more torque for the CX9, and more power for the 3MPS. With AWD it will be a very nice drive :-)

  • Jamal

    I’m hoping for a Mazdaspeed diesel!!!!

  • RedditMeister

    where on earth are you getting these rumors? doesnt make sense. Most guys that can afford a speed3 cant afford a 5k+ for a AWD premium.

    And if Mazda makes one, who is the competitor? STI and Golf R? There’s no money there.

    Why not just get a WRX. Its already out and its Subaru’s AWD. I’d like to see a respawn of speed3 but in that spec, no way.