McLaren P13 Getting GT Variant with Trunk

McLaren P13 Getting GT Variant with Trunk

Could you imagine a mid-engine supercar with… a trunk?

Rumor has it that McLaren wants to buck tradition and develop a GT variant for its upcoming P13 that will feature a luggage compartment in the rear of the car. The P13 will come in coupe and convertible form, but a mid-engine model with a trunk is a little unorthodox. According to the source of the rumors, the British automaker has developed some clever airflow management to ensure anything in the luggage area won’t become dangerously hot despite being so close to the engine.

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As we’ve reported before, the McLaren P13 is scheduled to debut at next year’s Geneva Motor Show and will use the same carbon fiber monocell as the 12C, 650S and P1 along with the twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The powerplant will be de-tuned however, as the P13 will be positioned as the brand’s entry-level model and will likely produce between 450 and 470 hp.

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[Source: Car and Driver]

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  • Rickers

    Why yes I can imagine a supercar with a trunk…. like the Ferrari F12.

  • Sarah H

    It may not become dangerously hot… but I bet it’ll still get STUPID hot in there.