Mercedes C450 Sport AMG Spied Without Camouflage

Mercedes C450 Sport AMG Spied Without Camouflage

Mercedes-Benz is planning a new mid-range performance model for its C-Class sedan, and our spy photographers snapped some pictures of the upcoming car. 

Shot completely camouflage free, the C450 Sport AMG will sit in between the C400 and the C63 AMG. It wears a Sport AMG badge, which means it is sportier than the standard C400, but it is not a fully fledged AMG-tuned performance car. In these spy shots we see a wagon model, but it will also be available as a sedan.

Power will come from the same twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 that powers the C400, but in the C450 it will put out 34 extra hp for a total of 367. All-wheel drive will also be an available option on the C450, unlike the rear-drive only C63 AMG. That will help this model stack up directly to the Audi S4.

For looks, the C450 Sport AMG gets quad-exhaust pipes and a diamond grille along with some new larger wheels.

The C450 AMG Sport model should be available in the 2015 model year .

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz C450 Sport AMG Spy Photos

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