MG Motor Weighing Return to US with New Sports Car

MG Motor Weighing Return to US with New Sports Car

The name MG is not new to the United States, but the brand hasn’t sold cars here for some time, though that might be set to change. 

British-based MG Motors is now owned by Chinese firm SAIC, and is currently designing new vehicles that will launch first in the Chinese market. In its long term goals, MG wants to eventually return to the United States market with an all-new small sports car.

A crossover will be the brand’s first product to go on sale, but work on a sports car model is also underway. The 2012 MG Icon Concept (seen above) will be the starting point for the sports car’s design. However, before a sports car is developed, MG wants to put out a range of consumer friendly models.

So if you are awaiting MG’s return to the US market, don’t hold you breath. If it does happen, it looks like it will be some time before the brand is ready to make the jump.

According to MG, a new sports car is not yet officially in the plans.

[Source: Edmunds]

  • Auto Motive

    I think the Chinese has the word sports car translated incorrectly as SUV crossover part mini and juke. They better higher a better designer if they want to market a MG sports car in the US.

  • 1) *hire

    2) That picture is not of the sports car. According to the article above, it’s the MG Icon Concept, which was designed to point the way to the consumer-friendly models SAIC wants to introduce before the sports car.