Atlanta Art Museum Hosts Stunning Dream Car Exhibit

Atlanta Art Museum Hosts Stunning Dream Car Exhibit

Concept cars are displayed proudly with bold new designs, but once they have had their time in the spotlight they are usually cast aside, lost in the annals of automotive history. 

The High Museum of Art located in Atlanta, GA has managed to collect some of the most stunning concept cars from as early as the 1930s to display to the public. 17 examples of one-off cars from Ferrari, General Motors, Lancia, Bugatti, Porsche and more can be found at the exhibit.

Some of the highlights of the include an early prototype of the Porsche 918 Spyder along with GM’s Firebird XP-21 from 1953.

These cars will be on display all summer, with the exhibit closing its doors on September 7, 2014.

GALLERY: High Art Museum Dream Cars