Next-Gen Volkswagen CC May Adopt Fastback Style

Next-Gen Volkswagen CC May Adopt Fastback Style

Volkswagen is looking to pack more style into the new CC, which is why the brand may borrow some cues from Audi to help design its cars. 

VW is currently working on the next-generation CC, essentially a sexier version of the Passat, and VW of America president Michael Horn revealed that the car may get fastback style like that seen on the Audi A7. “Two versions [of CC] are being studied, and we’re seriously looking at a fastback version as one of them,” said Horn.

Timing on the new CC is currently unknown, as VW is trying to make a business case for building the car here in the United States, or possibly in Mexico. If production is moved, the next CC may not arrive for another 2 or 3 years.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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