Next-Gen Mitsubishi L200 Pickup Due this Fall

Next-Gen Mitsubishi L200 Pickup Due this Fall

Mitsubishi might not be known for its pickup trucks in the U.S., but that hasn’t stopped its L200 in becoming a success elsewhere.

Mitsubishi announced that an all-new L200 pickup truck will debut this coming fall and will take its design cues from the GR-HEV pickup concept that debuted at last year’s Geneva Motor Show. It will be “a striking low emission vehicle,” according to the automaker but it is unlikely to be offered in North America.

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The Japanese automaker is also celebrating the L200 reaching a milestone, passing 1.1-million units sold since the model launched in 2005. The L200 is built and exported from Thailand, where domestic sales have totalled 263,437 units. Export sales for the L200 have reached 885,503 units with Europe (excluding Russia and Ukraine) being its largest market.

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