Nissan Juke Recalled for Timing Chain Issue

Nissan Juke Recalled for Timing Chain Issue

Add Nissan to the list of automakers issuing recalls this month.

The Japanese automaker will be conducting a voluntary service campaign on 2011-2013 model year Jukes to have their engine timing chains replaced. According to the recall notice, a total of 104,439 units are affected by the issue, which is deterioration of the timing chain. If the condition occurs, a warning light will illuminate on the instrument cluster.

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In extreme cases, the timing chain can snap. Owners of affected vehicles are being notified and will have to head to their local dealership to have the chain replaced at no cost.

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  • John

    Anyone else alarmed at the rate of recalls lately? Its insane…

  • Rickers

    It’s pretty crazy. Most seem to be GM though… and that doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • John

    Exactly! People say GM is getting better and their reputation for unreliability doesnt apply anymore, but the recalls say otherwise. The japanese know whats up.